Weaving the Western Sydney Witchy Web

Spiders' web between plant stalks, backlit with dimly lit orange toned sunset, or sunrise.

In the bustling heart of Western Sydney (and beyond all the way out to the Blue Mountains), there lies a hidden community, rich in tradition, respect, and unity. A community where like-minded individuals gather, sharing their love for witchcraft and pagan practices. Welcome to the Pagan Fringe, your local haven for all things witchcraft!

From seasoned practitioners to curious newcomers, the Pagan Fringe is a place that warmly embraces everyone. You may be a well-versed witch, an eager apprentice, or simply someone fascinated by the mystical world of the pagan arts. Here, you’ll find a seat at our communal table, a vibrant, inclusive circle that theorectically never runs out of room.

Our recent gatherings have been joyous occasions, celebrations of our shared interests, and the strong bond that connects us all. We’ve strolled under the sunlit sky, admired art in hushed galleries, and shared stories over steaming cups of tea that have sparked laughter and enlightenment in equal measure. Each of these moments has woven a stronger thread into the fabric of our community, making the Pagan Fringe a sanctuary for those seeking solace, camaraderie, or enlightenment in their magickal journey.

However, don’t worry if you can’t physically attend our gatherings. You can still be an essential part of our community. We want to make sure to capture the spirit of each event going forward. We’ll start to share anecdotes, teachings, and photos on our socials, creating a digital hearth where you can warm your spirit. Our blog will become a window to the enchanting world of the Pagan Fringe, enabling you to partake in our experiences and feel the unity from wherever you may be.

But it doesn’t stop there. We actively invite your thoughts, your questions, your stories. Want to know more about a certain practice? Curious about how you can get started on your journey? Want to know where to find that certain herb? Reach out to us. You’re guaranteed a response. We are a trusted source of information, ready to guide you with kindness and knowledge if you ask the right way 😉 In mid 2023, a few of us are looking to start teaching as well if we can find the time.

We hope to see you at our next gathering, whether in person or in spirit.

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