Goat Skull. We like goats.

We are The Pagan Fringe. We are the pagan folk who live, work and play on the fringe of Sydney. Based in the far West of Sydney bordering the Blue Mountains, we find ourselves meeting others in the Nepean, Blacktown and Hawkesbury regions and beyond, stretching North, West and South. We’re also fringe-dwellers when it comes to our religious and magical practice. This is an effort to create, and in some cases revive, old connections of witchy/pagan/magical folk in the region of Western Sydney NSW.

We have a core group of people supporting us in sending out the call to rebuild this ‘network’. Many of us are experienced practitioners who in years passed, have spent time teaching, presenting, running groups, events, circles and covens over the last 25yrs. Combined, we have well over 75yrs+ experience practising magic and witchcraft.

Over the last 5yrs (2015-to date), we have built a vibrant little group of regular people who attend our events. We’ve connected with local covens, new practitioners, old friends and people new to the pagan scene. And we’d like to meet more.

So, why the goat skull? We typically bring a goat skull to our events so we’re easy to find in a public space. There’s no mistaking him. We also like the imagery of the goat (related to the goat-foot God Pan) which is also associated with hardy survival in tough terrain. Pagans don’t tend to stay pagan for very long without some thick skin in that regard.

Who can attend? Generally everyone. We also run family friendly events too. Most of our events are free to attend, or may have the option for you to purchase your own drinks or meals.

Are you affiliated with any other organised groups? Do I have to ‘join’ you? 
No we’re not a part of other groups and no, there’s no requirement to ‘join’ anything other than us for a drink/chat. Everyone is welcome. We’re primarily a social group, however we may facilitate introductions to covens, teachers, share information about upcoming workshops or down the track, host the delivery of learning or training opportunities.

Who will I meet? Witches. Occultists. Druids. Pagans. Many of us are experienced practitioners who have spent time teaching, presenting, running groups, events, circles and covens over the last 20yrs+

How to contact us? If you’re interested, get in touch with us via Facebook or Instagram or send an email. Or come and meet us face to face.