Autumnal Equnox Picnic

The weather has really turned in the last week! To celebrate, we gather together for a wee picnic on the banks of the Nepean River.

Weir Reserve – Penrith NSW

What I’m really enjoying the most is establishing the building blocks for a lovely little pagan community in Western Sydney. So many people are solitary, or aren’t entirely comfortable turning up to a time and space for ritual with others, so what we aim to offer is social events and opportunities to mix with others, without the pressure of taking part in ritual.

It doesn’t mean that we won’t offer rituals or other events like that in future, however what I’ve learned over the years is that it’s a slow process to build a cherished bunch of people who are comfortable to gather under those circumstances.

Amongst us as it is, we have a small coven, some solitary folk, incredibly experienced teachers with over 20yrs experience, and others who are just finding their feet. Come and join us at one of our future public events 🙂



Blood Moon 4th April 2015

blood moon

Despite the appalling weather in Sydney last night, a few of us who had already booked and paid for our tickets took our chances last night. We had a special viewing of the eclipse at the local observatory at UWS Werrington. Even with the cloud cover, we decided to go along anyway.

I’m glad we did.

We got to tour the small facility, learn about the 0.6m telescope and talked about the movement of some constellstions in the Southern Hemisphere.

The roof was closed, however they do some research tracking certain constellations when the skies are clear. I also heard about the observatory in Linden in the mid-Blue Mountains. I’d love to visit that one too!

The observatory staff then put on some 3D films about space exploration and another short about lunar eclipses. We then tuned into the live feed from Griffith Observatory in California which was streaming live on YouTube. They didn’t quite get full umbra of the eclipse, however at least we got to watch something.

For others, if you booked and paid and didn’t come last night (there are a few of you) contact the University and they will give you a credit note to visit the observatory on another evening. We’ll organise a return visit later in the year, possibly on a dark moon so we can get some decent star gazing in.