The light half of the year….

How time flies!

The Wheel of the Year is turning and we’re moving toward the longer days ahead.

I can hardly believe that we’re getting ready to continue with our meet ups into the second half of the year already. I had ambitious plans back in January when I started putting the call out in the local area to host meet ups. We got a good start and then due to a combination of sickness and weather hampering efforts, a few of our events were canceled or postponed in April and May.

We had a quiet little catch up at the Farmers Market earlier this month and now we’re getting back on track with the next pub meet up scheduled for July. Why not come and join us if you haven’t met some of us already?

Screenshot 2015-06-22 19.54.12

Next catch up will be 12th July 12-3pm at The Jamison Hotel, 186 Smith St South Penrith